Network and HBM launch Make Solar Sense magazine with the BPVA

One of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers has a powerful new tool for its salesforce thanks to Haymarket Network.

‘No’ ‘No’ ‘No’… Continual rejection is par for the course for Utility Warehouse Partners. But it’s enough to dampen the most ardent entrepreneurial spirit as they go about their network marketing businesses selling customers the benefits of paying for all their utilities on one bill.

Most of the company’s ‘Purple Army’ (the logo is a purple piggybank) are working to provide a second income, and will have at least one other job – which can range from builder or secretary to teacher or policeman. But what everyone in this diverse audience has in common, is the need for a sense of community, constant motivation and practical advice and tips.

That’s why Utility Warehouse employed Haymarket Network to create Together magazine – a relentlessly upbeat new publication that features real-life case studies, famous ‘failures’ (James Dyson, Elvis, Madonna), and all the inspiration and help that Partners need to keep striving towards the next ‘Yes’.

Jon Goddard, Head of Partner Marketing and Communications at Utility Warehouse comments: ‘Utility Warehouse Partners are a truly unique community, and we were impressed by the efforts that Haymarket Network took to understand their ethos and needs. The result is a great-looking publication – packed with inspiration and practical advice – that will support more than 45,000 people in the UK as they seek to build their own part-time business.’

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Source: Haymarket

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