Teens spend three hours on the mobile web daily

GlobalWebIndex examines the digital behaviours and attitudes of 16-19 year olds. 

Teens, the latest Audience report from GlobalWebIndex looks at their engagement with online entertainment content, social media, smart devices and ecommerce.

Some key headlines from the report include:

  • Almost as many teens are getting online using mobiles as they are via PC/laptops. On average, teens in fact spent three hours on the mobile web daily.
  • Globally, 14 per cent of teens use Snapchat, rising to three in 10 in the USA. The growth of mobile messaging is one of the reasons why active usage of Facebook is falling.
  • More than half of teens are online shoppers, putting them a little behind average. One third are engaging in m-commerce but only one in eight used a tablet to shop online last month.
  • Financial restraints are having a clear impact on the online activities of teens: they are less likely to be paying for online content or shopping online.
  • Clothes and shoes are the most purchased products online, while mobiles are the most reviewed.
  • Entertainment is the most important brand role for teens. Also, three in 10 discover brands through TV shows/films and one quarter are influenced by celebrity endorsements.

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