Save 10%: Pre-order new Innovation in Magazine Media 2016-2017 World Report today

The editors, John Wilpers and Juan Señor deliver proven strategies and tactics for the hottest, more important areas in publishing today: company culture, mobile, video, data, ad blocking, micropayment, distribution platforms, and trend spotting.

Chapters in this book also investigate ad blocking, distribution models, micropayment, and trend spotting, all of which have innovative ideas you can use in your business.

And of course, Innovation also celebrates genius, whimsy, creativity, and daring with its annual off beat chapter highlighting some of the craziest, most provocative, most delightful new ways to use print and digital to inform and entertain our readers.

How to chapters include:

  • How to solve the ad blocking crisis
  • How to use data to solve all your problems
  • How to distribute your content where your readers are
  • How micropayments can deliver new revenue, new readers and new insights
  • How to make mobile the monster it should be for you
  • How to make great videos that do not break the bank

Pre-order your copy today and save 10% (by 17 March, launch date 21 March)

On 21 March, Juan Señor will once again take the DIS audience on a whirlwind tour of the best magazine media innovations from around the world in the past year.

John Wilpers and Juan Senor, Innovation editors ()

Join Juan at the DIS in Berlin for the launch of Innovation in Magazine Media 2016 on 21 March 2016.

And join John at FIPP London for a deep-dive into the how to’s in the FIPP Innovation workshops on 10 May 2016. 

The 7th edition of the Innovation in Magazine Media World Report is available in print format thanks to UPM and
and in digital format powered by PressReader

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