Print swings and sings in the new Innovations in Magazine Media Report

The fourth Innovations in Magazine Media World Report demonstrates what interactive print has to offer. In collaboration with Layar, specialists in mobile augmented reality, Innovations brings you video, slideshows, interviews and swing!
Launched today at the FIPP/VDZ/eMediaSF Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany, the 2013 Innovations covers everything from advertising innovation, social commerce, e-singles, a magazine published as a poster and one with a playable video game cover, to new skill sets for publishers and a magazine as amplifier.
Layar offers enriched content, engages readers and can boost revenue using existing digital assets. The Layar-enhanced print edition of Innovations 2013 is packed with great innovative content which allows readers to cast their vote for the most innovative ad, view videos straight from the page and swipe through photo slideshows.
“We’re very thrilled to be working with FIPP to bring the added value of interactive print to the Innovations in Magazine Media World Report,” said Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels. “As new print innovations increasingly gain momentum, interactive print is emerging as the leading way to engage readers and generate revenue opportunities that the print industry has never seen before.”
Augments used to make the book interactive include:
·  MP4 videos playing directly in Augmented Reality (Video buttons)
·  Survey embedded in Augmented Reality (HTML widget)
·  Social media links to Twitter and Facebook (Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook)
·  Image carousel displayed in Augmented Reality – users can ‘swipe’ through the pages of another publication (Image carousel button)
·  Twitter feed displayed in Augmented Reality – users can browse through tweets from the FIPP Twitter account, in real time
·  Others: Links to websites, Youtube videos, Download magazine on iPad
The report is co-published by Innovation International Media Consulting Group and FIPP. The digital edition and app are powered by YUDU.
Go to the Innovations 2013 toolkit at for:
–      Case studies covered in Innovations
–      Orders
–      Innovations Webinar registration, taking place: 3pm (London, UK time) on Monday 22 April 2013.
For further information, including translation rights and bulk discounts, contact Helen Bland.

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