Research shows interactive formats make mobile ads more enjoyable

The Format Effect (part one mobile), the first global study of its kind, measures the emotional connection that different mobile formats have with the consumer. Exclusively presented today at FIPP Asia by Mike Jeanes, global head of research, Publicitas, UK, the research sampled 1,200 users in the UK, France, US, Singapore with the objective of gauging reactions to different interactive ad formats.

“The questionnaire was mobile based, and therefore the ads appeared exactly as they would in a real-life campaign,” said Jeanes.

The study examined several mobile ad formats:

Publicitas formats tested ()

When it came to the results, the sample found the interactive ad 88 per cent more enjoyable than its static counterpart:

Mobile formats make ads more enjoyable ()

So far so obvious. But what about brand appeal? Globally, 15 per cent of the sample said they found the interactive ad made the brand much more appealing and 33 per cent said they found the interactive ad a little more appealing:

Interactive ads make brands more appealing ()

“Once you’ve grabbed the consumers’ attention you need to try and keep hold of it,” said Jeanes. “This can be achieved by encouraging participation. This is where interactive formats can set themselves apart from standard formats.”

With global ad spend set to reach US$580bn by end of 2016, and mobile driving that growth (Zenith), mobile ads in whatever format are surely not to be missed for publishers.

“Interactive formats encourage stand outs, drive brand consideration, and connecting with right emotions can produce doubling effect on key brand measures,” concluded Jeanes.

Part two of the research will focus on video and will be available next month.

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