River launches Eat Healthy magazine

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Its key focuses of food, health and fitness tap directly into the zeitgeist and have masspirational appeal. 

It understands that there are many reasons for wanting to eat healthy: eat healthier versions of the food you love, eat to beat an illness, free from recipes to suit a specialist diet, and weight management – all within the constraints of a busy lifestyle.

The content will be available across a plethora of digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and will be supported by a dynamic new club. The Eat Healthy club is full of perks and privileges for members. The VIP access allows members extra recipes and articles, the chance to be part of a reader panel and direct access to the team. 

Ceri Moorhouse, Eat Healthy Editor, says “Interest in healthy eating is huge and growing, and with so many new names and products launching all the time, it’s a massively exciting time to be heading up a new healthy eating magazine and working so closely with some great experts and brands.” 

Ceri Moorhouse is former editor of Natural Health, Your Fitness, and Great British Food.

Claire Irvin, Editorial Content Director, says ‘The launch of Eat Healthy is a bold and exciting move, based on River’s in-depth experience of the health and food markets. It also underlines our belief in print as a dynamic part of the Omni-channel content mix. Combined with a lively, targeted and inclusive digital strategy, we are looking forward to celebrating Eat Healthy’s success with some of its delicious and unique recipes!’

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