Samsung Asia VP on content curation at FIPP Digital Newsstand Forum

Nicholas Wodtke, VP content and services, Samsung Electronics Media Solutions Centre, Singapore, gave attendees at yesterday’s (14 May) FIPP Digital Newsstand Forum some interesting statistics about smartphone usage, which could affect the way they publish on this platform.
Wodtke said that while more than 1,000,000+ apps are available via Google Play, the average consumer has just 26 installed on their phone. “Consumers are spoilt for choice,” he said, “and I believe that helping the consumer sift through the array of content is more important than creating the next killer app.” He went on to suggest that curation is the new premium, which means that simplifying the discoverability of apps is key for publishers today.
He went on to give some examples of app personalisation, which is allowing consumers select exactly which content they want to see within an app, in the way they want to see it. “You need to give them what they want, because it will improve your relationship with them,” he said. Wodtke also suggested that this helps to have a dialogue with consumers, and shows that a company is participating in the digital space. “If you’re not having conversations with them,” he said, “it will come back to bite you. The digital environment is not something you can manipulate.” 
Samsung’s product, mZine is currently in partnership with Thai digital newsstand Ookbee, to deliver content to readers via Samsung smartphones.

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