Seven reasons why attending the FIPP Congress will help you

And to be sure, lessons have been learned (and will be learned), challenges remain and new opportunities will come our way, but as an industry we have reason to say: “We have come a long way, we are still here and, actually, we’re doing quite well.”

With this in mind, there are at least seven very good reasons why you should invest in attending the FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Canada from 13-15 October. Can you afford not to come?

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You will get a real and deep sense of the industry worldwide, and, most important, where it’s heading.


You will have the opportunity to listen to, learn from and engage with experts from around the world – speakers within the industry and others relevant to the industry.


You will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with colleagues and peers from around the world. We expect some 700-800 top-level delegates from at least 30 countries (we already have 25!). Our events are not only known to forge relationships, but real business is often done there too.


The Congress is not only work and no play. We have several FIPP Fringe events, where you will be able to join us, your colleagues and others in a more relaxed atmosphere, let your hair loose and have some fun. This is often where business friendships are made.


The Congress in reality includes four events: the Congress itself, the Worldwide Media Marketplace, the DNF – content on the move, and Innovation Forum. You can customise your booking to suit your unique business needs.

Big picture

Sometimes it is good to step away from the day-to-day grind at the office, the constant deluge of messages and other distractions. Sometimes it is good to cut through the clutter to think big picture again, get new ideas and to dream. 

Get inspired

We are seeing a much more positive, determined outlook for global magazine media than even two or three years ago. Yes, hard work remains, but sometimes it is OK to celebrate how far we have come. We guarantee you today, you will come away inspired from the Congress 2015.

Still not convinced?

Well, how about bringing your partners along? Or how about getting to meet Barry the Beaver, ride a Bucking Bronco, tour the Niagara Falls, and more, with a few surprises along the way. 

Don’t miss

The chance to join colleagues from around the world for the industry’s flagship global event (oh, and if you book today, you still get to save with our early bird offer, valid for a limited period only).

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