Seven thoughts from FIPP’s Ibero American Conference

Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO of FIPP, concluded the Ibero American Conference in São Paulo by offering the audience seven thoughts derived from the sessions over the last two days.
More than 470 attendees from the South American region and beyond were present at the conference, which was organised by ANER and co-organised by FIPP.
Addressing the attendees after a final ‘view from the top session’, which features some of the most key CEOs from media owners in this region, Llewellyn said: “
1. Think digital first 
Not digital only, not digital plus, but digital first.

2. Employ digital natives
Go and ask the young people in your company – the chances are they have really good ideas.

3. “Mobile is the reality”
Smartphone growth is astronomical and screens are getting better.

4. Data mining will improve your relevance
Not just important for metrics to sell advertising, but to check your editorial performance. We will be employing data analysts in our companies.

5. Programmatic advertising – understand it/do it or die
If you don’t know about it, go and learn about it!

6. Native advertising is a fantastic opportunity – but don’t abuse “TRUST”
Magazines have been doing it for decades. We understand more than most that we shouldn’t abuse. I think this is a trump card for our industry to play.

7. Turn “months” into “moments”
Everything happens instantly now.
Many thanks to ANER, our sponsors and exhibitors and our attendees for making this conference a success.

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