Snapchat to charge advertisers two cents per view on discover

“It’s a really, really simple product,” he said. “It’s a 10 second ad, two cents per view to reach a really engaged audience.”

Discover is a place inside the Snapchat app where users can read articles and watch videos from 11 media companies, including Daily Mail, CNN, ESPN, Vice and People. Snapchat users spend on average nine minutes a day on Daily Mail content in Discover, Mr. Bell said.

Mr. Bell didn’t explain what constitutes a view. Is an advertiser charged, for instance, when someone watches the full 10-second ad? Or is it following in the steps of Yahoo, which charges advertisers for a view after someone watches an ad for at least three seconds?

A Snapchat spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to Ad Age’s questions about the matter.

Snapchat has spent the last several months experimenting with how to price ads on Discover, according to Mr. Bell. He didn’t go into specifics about the pricing, but a report on Digiday said the app had been charging advertisers 15 cents a view for Discover ads. Publishers are responsible for selling ads against their Discover content and split a percentage of the revenue with Snapchat.

Source: Advertising Age

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