Social Media key for Femina Group’s audience engagement

Ella Sugiyanto from Femina Group, Indonesia gave attendees at the FIPP Research Forum today (23 May) in Barcelona, an insight into Femina readers’ engagement of the brand, particularly social media platforms.

Femina Group carried out research of its readers, asking about all platforms and titles, not just Femina in the first instance. Indonesia has 50 million Facebook users (number four in the world), which gives an indication that social media will provide high engagement for Femina readers.

Femina carries out two surveys every year. Recent results show that 60 per cent of readers read a magazine in last week (82 per cent said they read Femina). 46 per cent spend 10-30 minutes reading a magazine, with 41 per cent reading more than 25 pages within it. When it comes to websites, 83 per cent want a magazine sites to be easily searchable and 80 per cent wanting easy access content. Femina’s unique visitor growth reached more than 260,000 (includes mobile).

As far as social media is concerned, by Q4 2012, Femina had 48,000 Twitter followers, and 53,0000 Facebook page likes. Social media analytics measured through Tweetreach showed that more than 65,000 user accounts reached, which equaled more than 800,000 impressions.

The FIPP Research Forum is a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business. It has attracted some of the world’s leading magazine research professionals, who meet to discuss the latest issues and developments in the industry worldwide.

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