Spotong: South African B2B magazine continues to inspire

Spotong magazine serves to educate, inform and empower more than 18,000 entrepreneurs and informal traders who run small to medium sized businesses in the township sector.

Spotong ()

Spotong achieved the highest ABC audited figures out of all major competitors with 11,166 copies in 2016. The magazine’s figures grew by 14.49 per cent between 2015 and 2016.

“Our audit figures are really exciting. Our expectations have been exceeded by the support of the market and the way in which the readers have adopted Spotong magazine as their official mouthpiece.  It is through hard work, the sheer nature in which we engage with our readers and the relationships we have forged with our partners, that we have managed to create an unstoppable driving force that has brought Spotong to this very desirable position, “said Spotong’s project manager, Didi Okoro. 

With this ‘win’ firmly under Spotong’s belt, Contact Media and Communications is already working on their 2017 strategy to take the magazine to even greater heights. 

Source: Contact Media and Communications

Contact Media and Communications is a FIPP member.

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