FIPP Insight Special Report: An in-depth look at DIS 2015 themes

The lasting impression from this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany was that multi-platform strategies for magazine media companies are starting to bear fruit.

Download the full report from the Insight Resources Library

While, given the ongoing pace of change, questions of “what we should do” will remain, there was a shift from previous years towards “we know what to do, and this is how we are doing it.”

The main Summit took place on 23-24 March 2015, with a hackathon, startup tour and opening drinks reception preceding the main event on 21 and 22 March, and DIS Early and DIS Late networking drinks in the evening of the 23rd.

This was the 8th Digital Innovators’ Summit, hosted by FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association, VDZ, the German Publishers’ Association and eMediaSF, a San Francisco-based consultancy.

Here are some highlights showing the move to “multi-platform-ism.”

One company, known the world over as a “magazine publisher” has an online universe across its global websites of nearly 300 million unique monthly unique users. 

One has moved digital as a percentage of overall revenues from 12 per cent in 2008 to 22 per cent in 2014 and live events revenues from 19 per cent in 2008 to 40 per cent in 2014, expecting digital to make up 40 per cent of overall revenues, and events 45 per cent of overall revenues by 2020. 

Another has moved ecommerce revenues as a percentage from 5 per cent in 2010 to 27 per cent in 2015, expecting it to become the company’s dominant revenue stream within three years.

It is a story of an industry in rapid, but successful transformation that few other events highlight as clearly as the DIS in Berlin. If you are in the magazine media industry, be proud (and keep on innovating). If not, it is a good barometer for current industry thinking.

This report, compiled by Cobus Heyl, FIPP’s chief content officer and market manager, highlights some key discussions to have emerged in Berlin. It includes the following sections:

1. From single platform to multi-platform

2. Data | Consumer focus

3. Technology

4. Content

5. Social | Mobile | Video

6. Digital revenue streams

7. Transformation | Innovation


Download the full report from the FIPP Insight Resources Library

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