The ever evolving role of the magazine editor

The role of the magazine editor has evolved dramatically in tandem with the explosion of digital publishing in recent years.  Needing to be exactly where their readers are and having to adapt quickly to keep pace with their expectations, the role of the editor is now much more demanding.

Frank Hitzert, publishing director, Publishing House Burda, Russia (pictured), and one of the course leaders on FIPP’s Magazine Brand Management Certificate (MBMC), understands that while the delivery is altering the way in which we work, at the heart of it, relevance is key – delivering what the consumer wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.

In a quick-fire interview, we asked him three simple questions about the changes he has seen and what the future holds.
Where are we now?
The editor is at a crossroads, facing the challenge either to remain a traditional broadcaster or to transform into a modern brand builder, who combines good-old gut feeling with clear consumer insights.

Where are we going?
With both product and market as his points of focus, the editor will experience that business management is, or will be, closely integrated in his job. As a commercial creative he will drive social engagement and financial results simultaneously, helping, or even initiating, new business to flourish – beyond media platforms obviously.

How does your module on the MBMC facilitate that?
The module is meant to be inspirational and practical. Inspirational by showing best practices from our own industry as well as global consumer trends. And practical in such way that it provides publishers, and other functions working with editors, concrete tools to inspire and challenge editors to make the aforementioned transformation happen – with a special emphasis on cooperation between editorial and advertising, since the editor can play a key creative role in that other transformation process, i.e. from transactional to consultative selling.
About the MBMC
Editor as content director is one of the 13 modules covered in the MBMC programme. This course is aimed at magazine-media executives, who want to:
– Learn strategies and tactics about magazine-media publishing
– Improve the results of their magazine media brands
– Further their career

The MBMC starts in February 2014 and will take place over three weeks in London (the other two sessions run in April and June).
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