The FIPP Insight Forum – what you missed

FIPP’s Cobus Heyl and Amy Duffin were on hand to write summaries from each session, detailed below:

Award winning Spanish study measures quality of ad impact with luxury advertisers

Susana Ibanez, advertising marketing director, Condé Nast, Spain, presented results of the company’s Q Factor study at FIPP’s Insight Forum in Amsterdam, which proves the impact of advertising in luxury magazines.

Why brands should engage heavy readers of specialist and general magazines

Heavy readers of specialist and general magazines are top influencers when it comes of driving consumption among their circle of family, friends and acquaintances through word of mouth – still the best advertising-effect multiplier.

Despite competition for consumers’ time, magazines ‘remain the most engaging’ medium

Despite stiff competition for consumer time, magazines are the most engaging consumer medium out of all, according to a study conducted by IMRB International for the Association of Magazine Media (AIM).

Award winning Immediate Media study demonstrates the value of ‘Generation Wealth’

Generation Wealth – People in the UK aged 45+ – are underrepresented in media targeting but are vital to brand success. This was the message from Caroline Motson, insight manager, Immediate Media, at FIPP’s Insight Forum in Amsterdam.

How premium sites outperform others on native

Native advertising positively impacts across each of four areas in the marketing funnel (discovery, trust, word of mouth and purchase), a study by the Association of Online Publishers in the UK shows.

ARI/PwC study in Spain shows the value of magazine media websites

Users in Spain value magazine media websites, from an editorial and advertising point of view.

Content websites are best advertising environment, German study finds

In 2013, together with digital advertisers, German national association, VDZ, began development of its seal ‘Prime Site’ – a quality standard for premium and trusted advertising environments.

Impact of tablet ads measured by Axel Springer’s Auto Bild

The launch of the iPad in 2010 led German publishing giant Axel Springer to think seriously about how effective ads within tablet magazines are. This triggered several pieces of research that have evolved over the years and prove that in-app ads are viewed, increase attention and are fun.

Magazine media brands have impact through the whole purchase funnel

Not only does multi-platform magazine media brands influence consumers through the full purchase funnel, but Time Inc.’s (UK) Connected Consumers 2 study now also shows how brand type and platform impact in each stage.

UK magazines rank above all other media channels as a source of inspiration, says Magnetic consultant

Insight from the UK’s marketing agency for magazine media, Magnetic, is championing the vitality of the medium and demonstrating how valuable “legacy media” is today.

How Dutch publishers are changing brand audience measurement

Newspaper and magazine readership surveys in The Netherlands are undergoing ongoing change to better reflect the move from an era of single platform publishing (i.e. paper) to one embracing multiple platforms (i.e. print, online, live and so more).

German publishers’ collaborative study incorporates mobile audiences

Andrea Treffenstadt, research project manager at Axel Springer, presented an update on Best for Planning (b4p) – a collaborative database designed by four German publishers, at FIPP’s Insight Forum in Amsterdam.

What does a media agency expect from publishers?

Bernard Cools, deputy general manager of Belgian media agency Space, addressed an audience of insight executives from global media companies at FIPP’s Insight Forum in Amsterdam, and explained what exactly an agency expects from publishers.

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