The importance of premium brands and quality content in internationalisation

Grazia is a demonstration that print is not dead, even if the industry is facing challenging times.
Zeno Pellizari, head of international activities at Mondadori Magazines, told the audience at FIPP’s Worldwide Media Marketplace in London.
Grazia has launched over 20 international editions over the past eight years. The international Grazia network continues to grow, said Pellizzari.
Grazia today is considered a media rather than print brand. It engages the Grazia community online, via broadcasts, mobile and social, with further extensions including merchandising and events. While print remains important, all launches nowadays are across all platforms.
Pellizzari described Grazia’s role as one of “edited consumption”, guiding its readers and inspiring conversations everywhere, promoting and adapting to trends.
Acknowledging the challenging media environment of today, Pellizzari emphasised the importance of premium brands and quality content.
He highlighted the expansion of Grazia from Italy to several countries including France, the UK (it’s first international licensee, 8 years ago) and China, where it now sells over 1.1 million copies on a bi-weekly basis.
Describing China as “an amazing success story”, Pellizzari emphasised the importance of talented editors and other staff. They are the “coverner stone” of Grazia’s success.

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