The value of paper


“People trust paper,” she explained. “Over 70 per cent of people think print is at least twice as trustworthy as other media. And 90 per cent wouldn’t live without a letterbox.”



Paper can boost much more than sales figures. There is so little we receive in print these days, a letter or a postcard holds value, Eichiner said. “The reaction to print can be overwhelming,” she explained. “It holds value when the moment is gone. You can use paper to convey values, moods and feelings in a way that is not possible digitally.”

Slowing down

And yet, paper is also counter-trend. “My favourite function on my new phone is the mute notification button,” Eichiner explained. “Digital excitement is giving way to mindfulness and print fosters the trend of mindfulness.

A great example of this would be Flow magazine, Eichiner said. Flow magazine, the publication dedicated to tactile experiences, is a heavy magazine and speaks to people’s desire for real experiences over virtual ones. “It’s the magazine for mindfulness, inspiration, zeitgeist and paper lovers. It has a circulation of 210,000.”

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