Time Inc. magazines available on Ziosk tablets in restaurants

Ziosk creates tablets that allow diners to order beverages and desserts or pay their bill digitally, without having to wait for a waiter. The tablets feature unlimited games for $0.99.

Now, content from three Time Inc. brands will be syndicated for free through Ziosk’s tablet to a national network of 3,000 restaurants that use the device.

Time Inc Ziosk ()

“This alliance is part of the broader Time Inc. strategy to extend the reach of its iconic brands and bring them to new audiences through off-channel distribution,” Time Inc. said in a statement. It will also be a new source of revenue for the publisher.

As part of the agreement, Ziosk and Time Inc. are collaborating on advertising sales efforts and cross-platform promotions.

“This deal underscores our plan to expand beyond our core properties to leverage the diverse ecosystem of third-party digital platforms, emerging media channels and device-driven networks to reach consumers everywhere and to derive maximum value and growth for our business,” stated Time Inc.’s Joseph LaFalce, executive director of business development.

Chili’s,  Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews are the first restaurant brands to make this content available on their tablets. More restaurant partners will be announced in the next several weeks, according to Ziosk.

Ziosk currently has around 170,000 tablets interacting with 50 million patrons per month.

Source: MediaPost.

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