Tipser and FIPP launch strategic partnership in events, content and thought leadership

FIPP is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with leading e-commerce provider Tipser. FIPP and Tipser will be collaborating on live events such as the upcoming D2C Summit in June and FIPP Congress 2021, as well as training courses on e-commerce and white papers throughout the year.

Tipser, which is leading the way in identifying innovative ways for publishers to monetise through e-commerce, will also join the FIPP Board and become a go-to thought leader in e-commerce and related spaces.

Tipser specialises in embedded e-commerce, content commerce, and reader loyalty, helping publishers find straightforward, discreet e-commerce solutions to enrich their content and diversify revenue streams. In turn, this strengthens interactions with audiences.

As we recently reported, while affiliate commission rates average between three and seven per cent, embedded e-commerce leads to an average commission level of 20 per cent – yet many media organisations are not taking advantage of this new approach, pioneered by Tipser.

Tipser and FIPP will work together to promote integrated e-commerce strategies for publishers by sharing expertise and pooling and producing a range of resources – written, video, and other content – for FIPP members.

Axel Wolrath, Co-Founder and CSO, Tipser

“We at Tipser are very proud to deepen our engagement with FIPP,” said Axel Wolrath, Co-Founder and CSO at Tipser. “As an organisation with much focus on the well-being, development, and sustainability of media, FIPP’s interests and visions are very much in line with those of Tipser.

“Having specialised in content monetisation, Tipser hopes to bring ideation, market intelligence, and its competence in media monetisation technologies to the table. But even more so, we are looking forward to learning about the challenges and opportunities that with the right tools and business logic will be turned into the media revenue stream of tomorrow.”

James Hewes, President and CEO, FIPP

“With e-commerce emerging as one of the key drivers of a successful consumer revenue strategy, we are delighted to partner with Tipser, one of the leaders in this space. We look forward to working with them across a range of activities. Together, we will be thought leaders in the e-commerce space, helping our members grow this important new revenue stream”, said FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes.

About FIPP

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About Tipser

Media companies and content creators are in need of new revenue sources. Tipser’s e-commerce technology allows publishers to monetise their content through embedded shopping. Publishers can sell to their audiences directly, unlike with classic affiliate solutions. 

Tipser is an innovative Scandinavian tech company with an international team working on the future of content monetisation. Our head office is located in Stockholm with further locations in New York, Wroclaw, and Barcelona. Tipser’s monetisation technology is available in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, and the Nordic countries.


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