Report reveals triple-digit growth in programmatic advertising market

Publishers continue to reap greater rewards for offering a wider range of inventory to the real-time markets, with the average CPM up nearly 100 per cent over the year. Mobile spend continues to be a key trend to watch, with 2015 in-app spend jumping 83.55 per cent between July and September.

Equally significant, programmatic technology offers growing rewards for marketers, as evidenced by escalating engagement rates. In the fourth quarter of 2015, consumers spent an average of 16 seconds engaging with ads. Spending on rich media and synchronised banners demonstrate marketers’ effective use of these formats to capture the consumer’s attention.


Programmatic spending continues to reflect the overall advertising market, climbing slowly but steadily in the first quarter, followed by modest declines (17 per cent) during the summer holidays. Once back-to-school shopping began, programmatic spending started its upward trajectory, growing 765.9 per cent by the end of the year. From January to December 2015, overall spending increased 121.35 per cent.

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