Turn up the volume with Bauer Media in Bangkok

Did you think FIPP’s Worldwide Media Marketplace (WMM) was only about magazine licensing, syndication and JV partnership opportunities? Well, think again, and then register to make your way to WMM in Bangkok from 14-15 May 2014.

With lines between different media increasingly blurred, opportunities to extend into new areas of business abound. Digital is one such opportunity (hence also FIPP’s Digital Newsstand Forum running alongside WMM), but Bauer Media will break new WMM ground in Bangkok, giving you the chance to get into radio.

Not only will you be able to meet with Bauer’s international director Simon Greves about potential magazine media deals with brands such as Yours, Closer, Real Living, Joy, Empire and FHM, you will also have the opportunity to discuss expanding into radio with Bauer Media as your partner, lending you a helping hand.

Simon, a veteran of WMM, explains: “We are exploring ways we can develop our international coverage for radio through a programme of content and advisory partnerships.
“We intend to do this primarily through franchising/licensing – the provision of a full service radio station programme to deliver a complete operational solution to launching and running a radio service in a given market.
“We are speaking to existing radio operators but also more interestingly some of our magazine partners who are not in radio. Given that magazine publishers already have the skill set to sell advertising with our assistance we believe we can get them into an entirely new media which in many markets in the world and particularly in Asia is growing.”

About Bauer Media’s radio interests:
Bauer Media is the second biggest commercial radio owner in the UK, and has radio interests in Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Bauer Media UK also operates two of the UK’s largest stations Kiss and Magic Radio. Radio continues to be a very successful business for Bauer Media.  So much so, the company continues to invest in the medium, acquiring Planet Rock and Absolute Radio in the UK in 2013. You will be able to tap into not only Bauer Media’s network of top brands, but also their proven expertise in the business of radio.
Schedule a meeting with Simon using the WMM online diary (only registered WMM attendees).

If you haven’t registered yet, do so today at WMM and then schedule a meeting with Simon in Bangkok. But hurry before all his meeting slots are filled!

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