Unable to join us at the DIS? Then stay in the know, online.

With only a few days left to register for this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin on 23-24 March, we expect more then 600 people to attend – a record. 

If you can make it to Berlin, do try. It promises to be the best DIS yet, not only for the programme, but for plenty of networking and experiences around it, too.

However, if not possible, here is how you can stay on top of some of what’s being said at the DIS.

During the event

  • Follow FIPP on Twitter for continuous updates
  • Visit FIPP.com where we will publish regular news stories from sessions
  • We will also post some updates to FIPP on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We’ll push some visual content via Instagram and Pinterest too
  • Watch out for the FIPP Roundup newsletter at the end of each day with all the news stories plus further reporting from the day (subscribe to our newsletters – to make sure you get Round-Up, select the “FIPP Update” option)

Post event

  • We will let you know as soon as we have all speaker presentations available to share (only those presentations where speakers have given permission for us to share them)
  • Watch out for our wrap-up report highlighting the key themes to have emerged at the DIS
  • Watch out for news about a webinar to discuss these themes

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