UPM’s view on the future of print

Print remains a crucial component in most magazine media publishers’ business models, even as a lot of attention falls on digital development within the industry.

FIPP’s Magazine Brand Management Certificate (MBMC) recognises this fact, looking at print and digital as co-existing to service the overall brand.  

FIPP’s professional development course the MBMC is aimed at rising industry stars who have the ambition and commitment to further themselves professionally, as well as see their brands reach their full potential.

MBMC sponsor, and one of thirteen module leaders for the course, UPM recognises the growth of digital platforms, and believes in the full interaction of print and digital. “Paper still delivers that immediate personal interaction” say UPM. It offers a launch pad to the digital channels and remains an important driver in the building of the overall cross-platform magazine media brand.
What does the future hold for print?
It is essential to work with all partners in the supply chain to optimise and deliver high quality magazines. From creative teams through to ink manufacturers, print production and brand owners, good collaboration delivers exciting and quality results. Understanding the medium and supporting channels is important to meeting brand strategy. Environmental issues remain important and working with proven and renowned suppliers is critical to provide transparency and performance in sustainability. Challenge the norm at all times and ask does this meet my brand values?

How does your module on the MBMC facilitate that?

The UPM module creates an interactive forum to discuss brand values such as segmentation, positioning and targeting in relation to paper choices. Delegates are challenged on their perceptions and are fully involved through hands-on sessions. Environmental and sustainability issues are also covered through direct discussion and debate. Attendees leave with a full comprehension of paper attributes and their contribution to support magazine brands.

About the MBMC
Paper, making the right choice is one of the 13 modules covered in the MBMC programme. This course is aimed at magazine-media executives, who want to:

  • Learn strategies and tactics about magazine-media publishing
  • Improve the results of their magazine media brands
  • Further their career

The MBMC starts in February 2014 and will take place over three weeks in London (the other two sessions run in April and June).

Early bird* offer:
Find out more about the course at www.fipp.com/MBMC or email Jenny Stubbs, training coordinator, including for information on early bird offers to FIPP members and non-members.

*FIPP’s MBMC early bird offer ends 30 September 2013.

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