Video: John Wilpers talks magazine media innovation

The Big 5: Mobile, native, programmatic, video (0:09)

This year what we found were the same kinds of trends we found last year, in terms of: mobile, native advertising, programmatic advertising, video. But much more focussed on action plans, on getting things done. 

And the innovations in the book are just incredible – we have lists of how to do things, how to do successful programmatic advertising, how to do successful native advertising, how to get your content optimised for mobile. And if publishers simply follow those directions, they will have enhanced the quality of their content, they will enhance the volume of their engagement, and it will lead to a much more predictable level of success. 

What about data? (0:45)

Data is another area where if [publishers] pay attention to the data and they start to mash the data and interpret it – instead of just looking at uniques and page views – they’ll be able to create what’s called a predictive model that will enable them to start publications and to create products that have a vastly higher chance of success. 

Each year John writes and edits the ‘Innovation in Magazine Media Report’ – a flagship industry title that hones in on the most critical current and developing trends within the industry. The book itself will lay the foundations for the hands-on Innovation Seminar taking place in Toronto later this year. We asked John to give us a little more background on the publication:

Collecting stories every day about different areas of Innovation… (1:04)

This year’s book is probably the richest, biggest, largest collection of data in the magazine industry anywhere in the world. 

What I do for about 18 months prior to the publication of the book, is collect stories everyday about different areas of innovation, to end up with a database of thousands of possible stories and case studies. We boil those down to the very very best, and this year for the very first time we have a digital edition that is almost 200 pages long. The print edition is only 132. So the digital edition not only has the content that’s in the print, it has all these side bars – about how to do stuff – that didn’t fit in the print. 

All of these ideas are completely pointless, if your Company’s culture is not change friendly (2:07)   

One point that we look at that affects the entire book and the entire process is that all of these ideas are completely worthless, if your company’s culture is not change-friendly. If you don’t have a culture that accepts change, and rewards change, then all of these ideas will fall on un-fertile soil. So the most important thing we at INNOVATION Media Consulting do is to help companies change their culture to be able to implement the very ideas that are in the book. 

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