What do Troy Young, Andreas Wiele, and Vivian Schiller think will happen next?

Troy, who is Global President of Hearst Digital Media, Andreas, who is a Board Member of Axel Springer, and Vivian Schiller, who is Editor-in-Chief at Weber Schandwick and Director at the Scott Trust (Owner of Guardian Media Group), will be among some 50 speakers from around the world at DIS 2018. 


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Agenda and speakers

DIS logos 24 Jan ()


Other speakers at DIS 2018 include people such as:

  1. Gary Liu, CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  2. Molly Miller, Chief Content Officer, ALM Media, USA
  3. Abi Spooner, Chief Customer Officer, Dennis, UK
  4. Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO, Aller Media Oy, Finland
  5. Melissa Rosenthal, EVP, Cheddar Inc., USA
  6. Helje Solberg, CEO, VGTV at Schibsted, Norway
  7. Mark Stencel, The Reporter’s Lab, Duke University, USA
  8. Breton Fischetti, Senior Director of Commerce, Business Insider, USA
  9. Tomas Bella, Executive Board Member and Head of Online Activities, Dennik N, Slovakia
  10. Matt Monahan, Head of Sales and Product, The Washington Post, USA
  11. Hannah Ray, Head of Visual Storytelling and Social Strategy, Condé Nast International, UK 

See the full list of speakers so far confirmed here, and the agenda for Day 1 (19 March) here and Day 2 (20 March) here.



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We hope to see you at DIS 2018 in Berlin in March!

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