Here’s what you missed at FIPP London

Over the course of event, we published stories from each of the speaker sessions in FIPP Mobile and FIPP Tech. A summary of each story can be found below.

“Putting commerce and value at the heart of your digital media technology strategy”

FIPP London was kicked off by Toby Hoon of Immediate Media, who began by outlining the company’s philosophy: “We describe ourselves first and foremost as a specialist content and platform company,” he said.

Culture change is the media industry’s biggest challenge

Who said magazines are dead?’ was a headline in The New York Post recently. It was also the theme that mobile technology media expert, Peter Kreisky, chairman of The Kreisky Media Consultancy, took for his session at the FIPP London event.

Mobile is already here

It’s important to understand the platform and strategy around mobile, according to John Wilpers, senior director at Innovation Media Consulting, in a session at FIPP London today.

How Hearst and Time Inc. are approaching mobile

Attendees at FIPP London learned how the Hearst and Time Inc. gear their companies for mobile, during a session with Duncan Edwards, president and CEO of Hearst Magazines International (and FIPP’s chairman) and Marcus Rich, CEO of Time Inc. UK.

Here’s how Martha Stewart Living does Facebook Live

Ruth Feldman, SVP brand development at Martha Stewart Living gave a presentation today at FIPP London about how the brand has embraced Facebook Live – and this fascinating case study could indicate an exciting future for Facebook’s live video-streaming service.

Sharing platforms take the stage at FIPP London

Sharing platforms can generate additional income for publishers, according to Koos Hussem, CEO and president of X-Cago, at FIPP London session today. Using platforms like Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, Snapchat’s Discover, and others, can lead to additional revenue and brand awareness Hussem said. It also gets the brand out to larger audiences.

Secrets to millennial success: How PopSugar spreads mobile love

Christine Maitland from PopSugar addressed the audience today at FIPP London with an excellent presentation about the company’s content strategy. She began by describing PopSugar as an editorial destination dedicated to helping women feel the best about themselves, covering topics as broad as fashion, food, beauty, fitness, celebrity, and more.

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Better for people, better for publishers?

Facebook’s Andy Mitchell introduced a discussion at FIPP London today by speaking about the company’s native hosting of content on its Instant Articles (IA) tool. Launched just one year ago, more than 1,000 publishers worldwide now publish natively to the IA platform. They’re encouraged to create a seamless experience for users, so that they will come back and expect high-quality content from that brand.

Exploiting opportunities in a disruptive media environment

The publishing industry is in a time of disruption and change. Yet, while this can be confusing for publishers it can also create opportunities and new revenue sources.

How The Economist engages audiences on the go

Audiences can be hard to capture, to define, to pin down. But, as The Economist discovered, engaging them on the move took an app.

Great content creates value for The Daily Beast

Clickbait-y, commoditised content isn’t the way to reach mobile audiences, John Avlon, editor in chief of The Daily Beast, told a crowd at FIPP London today. Investigative, original or enterprise journalism that tells an engaging story, does.

Quartz’s app. What’s happened since launch?

Although it is barely four years old, Quartz has established itself as a major player in world news. Its stratospheric growth driven by an emphasis on mobile.

Mobile is a mindset and an opportunity for publishers

Mobile is the present and the future, according to Ross Sleight, chief strategy officer at Somo UK. Sleight shared emerging trends in mobile, how the industry has reacted and strategies for winning at mobile, at FIPP London today.

The evolution of Google AMP. What happens next?

After yesterday’s excellent discussion about Facebook’s Instant Articles, today’s conversation at FIPP London turned to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Ad blocking: The time has come for print wisdom to save digital

Ad blocking continues to be one of the most discussed issues in the publishing world, as media companies work out long term strategies for creating advertising that truly engages with users.

The New York Times’ VR experimentation is making money

In a fascinating talk that led to an explosion of audience questions, Sam Dolnick talked through The New York Times’ recent exploration of virtual reality (VR) – and their strategy for future engagement today at FIPP London.

What’s the future for micro-payments?

Last October, at the FIPP Congress in Toronto, execs from the Dutch startup Blendle talked about their vision of how in the future readers would pay for individual articles from media companies. Since then, the concept of paying for stories has been a key discussion point in the publishing world.

The Economist reveals insights from award-winning research into millennials

Highlights from The Economist’s recent global research project “Introducing the Gen-Narrators,” that explores the media habits, attitudes and behaviours of millennials in 2015, was featured at FIPP London today.

From mobile to content-first engagement

Justin Kirby, vice president strategic content marketing, Tenthwave Digital and curator of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series, spoke today at FIPP London today (11 May 2016) on how marketing strategies are shifting from mobile to content-first engagement. 

Social data gives publishers advantage, 24/7 insight into audience

One of the challenges of the digital reality publishers face on a daily basis is insight into their audiences. At a FIPP London session today, Steffen Konrath, founder and CEO of Liquid Newsroom detailed how audience insight can aid publishers using social data.

How Harvard Business Review approaches innovation and future development

Strategy for the future has to be iterative and nimble, according to Joshua Macht, publisher of the Harvard Business Review. Macht was at FIPP London today to deliver a session on how the Harvard Business Review approaches development.

Five trends in mobile content

“2016 won’t be the year when digital magazines get to die” was a headline from a media trade website earlier this year. And it is a sentiment that Jonny Kaldor, co-creator Pugpig, admits makes him feel rather depressed, as he passionately believes in the potential of editorially driven apps.

Innovation in retail tech is happening

Jim Bilton introduced a panel discussion today at FIPP London, by citing Amazon’s recent opening of a physical shop in Seattle, and its ambitious plans to expand, as an example of where the retail industry is innovating – advising that publishers could learn a thing or two.

Is automated content the future?

A BBC report on the future of news, published a few months ago, concluded that within 10 years 90 per cent of all news will be automated and written by software. The story ignited a debate the role of so called ‘robot journalists’ and whether they would put their human counterparts out of jobs.

Here’s how native advertising plays out in the global media industry

Jesper Laursen, originally a journalist and now CEO of the Native Advertising Institute in Denmark, took to the stage on the second day of FIPP London to discuss his speciality.

“We are at a very interesting turning point in the history of publishing. Where are we going to go?”

Andy Hart, SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Hearst Magazines International began his presentation at FIPP London by acknowledging that things have been complex for publishers in recent years, but said that when he thought about the future, he was full of optimism.

Download the speaker presentations here.

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