Why Twitter sees its future in video and what it means for marketers

Amplify Beta is an extension of Twitter’s current product Amplify designed to let more publishers and creators monetise their video content, while making it easier for advertisers to reach massive audiences and sponsor content platform wide.

Currently only in the US Amplify Beta, which Twitter today (22 October) revealed is “coming soon” to the UK and then Europe, means advertisers can run video ads against premium content automatically based on their preferred content categories — without having an existing publisher-advertiser deal in place.

At IAB Digital Upfronts earlier today Twitter ran a session called Video Now where the social platform outlined the importance of video in its future, particularly on mobile. Bruce Daisley, vice president of Twitter in Europe said that the company has seen the amount of video played on Twitter increase 150 times and that mobile video consumption will grow 13 times by 2019.

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Source: The Drum

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