Why you and your colleagues should be in Berlin in March

The next DIS takes place from 20-22 March 2016 in Berlin. Our pre-agenda offer is currently available, saving those who register today upwards of €800 per ticket on the final delegate rate.

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Here is what others have to say about DIS:

James Tye, CEO of Dennis Publishing in the UK, has “attended and spoken at DIS numerous times over the years and each year I find the summit both thought-provoking and useful. I can think of several occasions when we’ve changed the approach or direction of specific projects as a direct result of insight or thinking from some of the sessions.”

Fabrizio D’Angelo, CEO of Burda International in Germany, has attended DIS “several times, and it definitely counts as one of the most important digital conferences in my yearly planning. There’s lots of inspiring stuff, with a down to earth, practical approach. DIS is about change and getting things done. Exactly what we need.”

For Jan Moberg, Publisher and CEO of TU Media in Norway, “the DIS is a highlight for me and my team. It is relevant, exciting and focused on true digital operations. The many great presentations give both inspiration and good examples and ideas to bring back home. Of the many conferences I have attended, I rate DIS among the very best. We will be back.”

Martin Trautmann, Executive Publishing Director at Prisma Media Premium in France, says, “DIS is a great opportunity to observe and understand the fundamental and challenging changes our industry is going through. The focus combining of technology, marketing, commerce and content, and the mix of traditional magazine media publishers and digital pure plays presenting allows everyone to really get up to speed on the state of play in a very short time. Learnings and insight from DIS has impacted on operational as well as strategic decisions on our brands.”

For Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries in USA, DIS 2015 “was the first year we attended, exhibited and spoke at DIS. It was impeccably curated, well organised and a very productive event for us. The programming was well presented, thought-provoking and pragmatic. It is a highlight on the conference calendar for us.”

Bo Sacks is the president and publisher of Precision Media Group in the USA (and writer on all things media). Here’s his take: As a professional who goes to many publishing conferences, DIS is a standout event and surpasses my expectations each time I go to it. The quality of the speakers, the detailed organisation of the event, and the cleverly designed networking opportunities all combine to bring shrewd insights and profound perspectives into our evolving business. I do my best to attend each year.” 

Steffen Konrath, CEO at Liquid Newsroom in Germany, has covered many a DIS event. But in 2013 he was also on stage presenting as part of a DIS startup showcase. He talks about that experience. “5 minutes can count down fast. 5 minutes to explain your vision, and business strategy and to pitch your startup! Proud that I was part of the first elevator pitch at DIS and it was great fun! Thanks for this! Ah, yes, and I won a new client. They’re still working with Liquid Newsroom since we met at the event.”

DIS 2016 – the story so far:

Several speakers have confirmed for DIS 2016 so far, while a record number of delegates (since DIS 2016 registration launched end of July) have already registered for the event – more than doubling the registered delegates than at the same time in 2014 for DIS 2015).

• They include CEOs, Chief Digital Officers, Managing Directors, Publishers and Editors and heads of divisions and departments, and are

• From 24 countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, Norway, Spain and Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico and the US, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, and South Africa, to name a few.

The next DIS takes place from 20-22 March 2016 in Berlin. Our pre-agenda offer is currently available, saving those who register today upwards of €800 per ticket on the final delegate rate.

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