High Impact Sales Conversations. Get 10% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPPFL21” when you register.

High Impact Sales Conversations. Get 10% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPPFL21” when you register.

Takeaways from this workshop:

  • A powerful new client-centric approach to running sales conversations
  • An approach that leads your client to prioritise your brand and solution
  • A new set of powerful questions
  • Best practice on how to run a high impact, engaging conversation
  • Tips on how to adapt the conversation to different communication channels
  • A sales conversation template

Outcome: A sales conversation that stands out and gives your client a new way of thinking

Course Outline

The pandemic has made sales success even tougher for sellers, so when they do have an opportunity to have a quality conversation with a buyer, its more crucial than ever that they use this time to build a compelling case for change. Gartner has shown that 80 per cent of B2B decision makers believe sales reps weren’t prepared for their meeting.  Poor questioning is one of the key areas that shows a lack of preparation and understanding from the salesperson. A strong sales conversation is the engine room of the sales experience- without it, sales success cannot be achieved.

Many salespeople have an outdated approach to the sales conversation. Too often, questions are generic and fail to connect with the client on a personal level. Simply identifying some basic needs is no longer enough.

Buyers are stuck in their status quo and they fear change. Their decisions are under heavy internal scrutiny, so they need compelling reasons to be brave, commit to change and drive the decision-making process through their business. Ultimately, they need to see personal benefit in working with your brand and buying your solution. Effective questioning today helps build compelling reasons for your client to change.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for anyone operating within sales or sales leadership. Individuals or teams are welcome.

Save 10% on the normal rate by using promotional code FIPPFL21 when you register for this course.

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