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  • Peter Houston talks: Time well spent

    Publishers need to think again about why people spend time with their content. Is it getting attention because it deserves it, or just a lucky spin of the social media slot machine?

    Published 12 March 2018 Opinion
  • Why are news publishers pivoting to subscriptions?

    When I look at the state of mainstream media, I can’t help but ask the question. Why are so many news publishers pivoting back to paywalls when they didn’t work for most of them before? 

    Published 12 March 2018 Opinion
  • Three steps to leveraging the data swamp: turn data overwhelm into revenue control

    Good reporting is the life blood of any effective organisation. Clean data, clear reporting insight and right strategy are points on a continuum to maximum revenue. But today reporting has evolved to a swamp of endless possibilities, and not exactly a clear one. Add the fact that everyone uses different metrics and the frustration is complete.

    Published 02 March 2018 Opinion
  • The impact of millennials on brands

    Sponsored content - A lot is being said about millennials. But whether you think they’re engaged and confident or self-centered and demanding, they are crucial to the success of business. Not just because they are responsible for 600 billion dollars of spending every year in the US only, but also because millennials simply are our future employees and customers.

    Published 01 March 2018 Opinion
  • Peter Houston talks: Magazine publishing's second sin

    With a dangerous dependency on third-party platforms, publishers doubled down on the ‘Original Sin’ of free content. Facebook side-lining magazine content is the perfect opportunity to repent.

    Published 12 February 2018 Opinion
  • Programmatic will eat itself: the first-price auction will fuel a new digital advertising era

    Header bidding has changed digital ad trading forever. Now it’s even putting pressure on a foundation stone of the industry itself – the second-price auction. That’s good news, since a move to first-price will not only bring a more transparent auction, but a more transparent industry.

    Published 26 January 2018 Opinion
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