11 speakers on what they are looking forward to at the World Congress

The Congress takes place from 13 to 15 October, and is expected to attract some 700-800 attendees, including near 80 speakers.

Peter Kreisky, chairman, The Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA

This will be my 6th World Congress and I’m looking forward to it a great deal. I think the event goes from strength to strength each year. The audience is just so diverse. The fact that the Congress moves around and is such a global event, makes for a truly international audience and a chance to meet people you would not otherwise meet. The opportunity to hear from the best in the business is obviously really great. The calibre of speakers is fantastic and it seems to get better every year. But personally I find the networking opportunity invaluable. The chance to talk to people one-to-one at the social events and the breaks is fantastic for me. Everyone is very accessible and I think that’s down to the format.

Hans Hamer, publishing and managing director, automotive, sport and computer/consumer electronics, Axel Springer, Germany

There are two things I will take away from the Congress. The first is the chance to network with a truly global group of delegates. The second is the opportunity to learn – by sharing my own experiences and hearing the experiences of others. That is about acknowledging the things that don’t work as well as sharing those that do. For me, the most important question to be addressed at the conference is: ‘What are the three key challenges you have identified in your market and how do you respond to them?’ 

Yuko Tanaka, Director of Global Business Development at Nikkei Business Publications, Japan

Attending a FIPP World Congress takes your time and your budget, but it is definitely worth attending!  You get to meet your peers from around the world and obtain firsthand information from them about their experiences both good and bad. I really look forward to attending the Toronto Congress!

Frances Evans, Director of International Licensing and Advertising at Burda International, Germany

People who meet me will realise that I love magazine media. I have loved it from the very first day that I started working in publishing. I love the digital challenge and the innovations we are seeing around transformation. For me, this is a voyage of discovery and learning at a truly exciting time for our industry. I really believe magazine brands connect with consumers in a very special way and will retain their importance going forward. Therefore, as a business partner we want to ensure our licensees are well trained and geared up for the challenges ahead and that they are encouraged to innovate with our exciting brands. I’m really looking forward to meeting plenty of enthusiastic, innovative teams and hopefully growing our business in new markets! 

Wei Nie, mobile communities director, Tencent, China

I’m very interested to hear how magazine media see their future, how they think about moving beyond printed media to new media environments, and in particular mobile media.

Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, chairman, Kadokawa Corporation, Japan

I look forward to exchanging views on the future of magazine media with publishers who have a similar awareness of the issues (facing the industry) as Kadokawa as well as with those already taking a progressive approach.

John Harris, co-founder and editor-in-chief, Politico, USA

I mentioned the word ‘experiment’ when we were talking about the launch [of Politico] in Europe and we have always had experiments going – ever since we launched. We feel fortunate that a bunch of them have worked well – although they haven’t all worked well. And what I like is hearing about experiments other people have been doing. When you get a concentration of smart, ambitious people from other organisations and publications, they may be competitors in normal situations but, at gatherings such as the Congress, they are a source of ideas, an opportunity to gain exposure to different perspectives and a chance to do some great note-sharing. I find all of that really rewarding. You hear about other people’s experiences and, with a little bit of luck, you take something away that can help your business be even more successful.

Frederic Kachar, CEO and chairman, Editora Globo, Brazil

We’re going through some challenging, albeit exciting, times in our business. The event is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, build relationships and hear insights from leading executives in our industry. The sessions provide some food for thought and I always leave the FIPP events with a refreshed outlook on things.

Phil Thomas, CEO, Lions Festivals, UK

Canada more than doubled its Lion haul at Cannes Lions this year and they took home an elusive Titanium Lion. That’s pretty impressive stuff. FIPP’s a global event, but I’m looking forward to being in amongst the Canadian community for who it is clearly an exciting time.

Ian Levy, CEO, Burda Brazil and Burda Iberia, Brazil

I have attended five FIPP Congresses so far. FIPP events are always a source of information and inspiration. You have time to listen and learn, and I always feel the break from my dally routine is well worth the time. In addition the networking at the events cannot be better. I have met new people and always make time to re-connect with existing contacts. For me, it is about learning, getting inspired and networking … and the chance to visit and getting to know Toronto. In these times, with so many fundamental changes, I strongly suggest anyone in our industry to attend. It really is worth it.

Marcello Burman, president and CEO, Grupo Cerca, Costa Rica

Clearly, we will be talking about the future of this industry and in particular the opportunities for growing in the B2B market. And in more general terms, I think it will be interesting to hear how publishers are going about their day-to-day business while also planning for the future and change.

Join the near 80 international speakers and some 700-800 expected delegates for the FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Canada from 13-15 October 2015.

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