Adobe adds tablet metrics to DPS

Emedia vitals reports that Adobe is making four MPA-approved readership metrics available in its Digital Publishing Suite – a key next step in the industry’s attempts to standardise audience measurement for tablet editions.

Adobe announced that all versions of DPS will include four metrics championed by US magazine media association MPA for measuring readership in tablet editions of magazines. Standardised metrics are critical to growing the advertising base in digital editions as publishers devote more resources to driving tablet and smartphone subscriptions. Digital circulation doubled over the first half of this year but still represents just 3.3 per cent of total magazine circulation, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.

“Digital editions are scaling quickly, but there’s been no consistent methodology or implementation of reporting so publishers and media buyers can have an efficient conversation about media spend,” said Nick Bogaty, senior director of business development and marketing for Adobe’s digital publishing group.

The metrics now included in DPS are based on the voluntary guidelines the MPA released 15 months ago as part of what the MPA is now calling the Digital Edition Standardisation Initiative (DESI).
They include:

  • Total number of tablet readers per issue
  • Total number of sessions per issue
  • Average time spent per reader per issue
  • Average number of sessions per reader per issue

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