All your innovation questions answered

The 6th Innovation in Magazine Media World Report will tackle these questions and more: 

• Is mobile the advertising platform of the future?

• Digital ad fraud – Is the rise of the machines damaging the credibility of media?

• E-newsletters: How can email help publishers?

• Can print pivot out of its corner to reclaim its title?

• The social media conundrum. How does sharing help your brand?

John Wilpers and Juan Senor, editors of the Innovation in Magazine Media 2015 World Report will once again wow the Digital Innovators Summit delegates with a whirlwind tour of the best magazine media innovations from around the world in the past year. 

John says of this year’s report, “The 2015-2016 World Report will be the most in-depth book about creative media thinking that we have ever published. We are zeroing in on the top ten categories of innovation that can have the biggest, most immediate impact on the future of magazine media.”

Categories – each with various themes addressed within – range from advertising to content, mobile, social and video to data and more. And it will highlight proven examples of innovations that have:

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Leveraged the latest new digital tricks
  3. Perked up subscriptions and street sales
  4. Explored new social media capabilities
  5. Delivered digital advertising that works
  6. Maximised the stunning capabilities of mobile devices
  7. Converted data into new products, new consumers, and new strategies

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