Asia Pacific closing in on North America ad revenue with 30 per cent of total by 2016

In 2016 the Asia Pacific region will have 30 per cent of total advertising revenue, closing in on North America which will have a total share of 35 per cent. China will be the biggest market by then with a market share of 33 per cent, followed by Japan with 27 per cent market share. 

And with a share of 28 per cent, Asia Pacific is the second largest adspend region of the world. With a 31 per cent share in advertising revenue, the advanced market of Japan and the fast growing economy of China with a 30 per cent share are the most important players.

Other highlights from the FIPP Insight Asia Pacific World Magazine Trends Special Report include:

– Asia Pacific is the most populated region in the world with more than 50 per cent of all the people in the world living in the region

– 65 per cent of revenue in the region is due to circulation

– In 2016, the outlook is that 89 per cent of magazine revenue will still come from printed products

The unique magazine industry reference covers key industry data on a country-by-country basis in Asia Pacific. The Special Report includes magazine circulation revenues, share of adspend, number of magazine titles, number of copies sold, revenue sources and sales distribution breakdown.

Trends spreads (Greg Stevenson)

Digital data includes internet penetration and mobile penetration, plus e-reader and magazine website listings (where available).

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