Chart of the week: Where will the media market be in four years?

The United States is projected to grow at a roughly nine per cent pace over the next four years, with 2023 revenue forecasted at around $50.75 billion. By comparison, revenue in China’s digital media market is expected to expand at a 15 per cent pace. Within four years, Statista estimates put revenue from digital media from the country at around $33 billion. 

While the revenue of countries like France, Italy, the UK, and Germany are magnitudes smaller than that of the top three rainmakers in digital media, the growth prospects for these markets are still positive. France is set for 23 per cent growth, while the UK, Germany and Italy are projected to increase by around 15 percentage points. All these markets digital media markets are expected to stay under the $10 billion mark.


Chart 21 October 2019 ()


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Chart by Statista.


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