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DIS 2019 ()


DIS attracts some 600 participants from 35+ countries, top-notch speakers from around the world and exhibitors eager to showcase their cutting-edge wares, including the opportunity to try out technologies such as AR and VR sets and more.

Over the years, delegates have consistently ranked DIS as excellent value, with the likelihood of again attending and/or referring DIS to colleagues and friends above 80 per cent (DIS2018 post event survey).

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– 12 top trends from DIS2018 (special report)

DIS website, including the agendas and speakers over the past 3 years

Photos, videos and presentation slides (where made available) from DIS2018



DIS who attends ()


In our post Summit delegate survey for DIS2018, 34 per cent of respondents said they were from B2C media companies, 24 per cent from B2C and B2B media companies and 17 per cent from B2B media companies. Solution providers and consultants made up around 15 per cent of the audience. Five per cent were from industry associations and another five per cent from other sectors.

Around 31 per cent were C-level executives, 44 per cent publishers, business, commercial and digital managers, 17 per cent content managers followed by consultants and others.

They attend DIS mainly for the content (agenda and speakers), networking and the location, but many are also there to do business: Two-thirds of respondents in the DIS2018 survey indicated there is a chance that they will do business with publishers and/or sponsors they met at the event.



James Tye ()

James Tye, CEO of Dennis Publishing in the UK, has attended and spoken at DIS a number of times over the years. “Each year I find the summit both thought-provoking and useful. I can think of several occasions when we’ve changed the approach or direction of specific projects as a direct result of insight or thinking from some of the sessions.”


Melissa Rosenthal ()

Melissa Rosenthal, EVP, Cheddar Inc., USA who attended and presented at DIS 2018. “The event was overwhelmingly a positive experience. It was great being able to connect with thought leaders outside of the US and hear their take on the industry we are trying to disrupt. The reaction was great. I received a ton of follow up notes on LinkedIn from many individuals who watched my presentation.


Jennifer Brandel ()

Jennifer Brandel, CEO and Co-founder, Hearken, USA, says: “DIS is a fantastic gathering – bringing together decision-makers, makers, researchers and funders from around the world to share in the most timely information the industry needs. I greatly appreciated learning from so many levels and from so many perspectives.”



Jan Moberg ()

Jan Moberg, Publisher and CEO of TU Media in Norway, and his team attends DIS every year. He has also spoken at the event. “DIS is a highlight for me and my team. It is relevant, exciting and focused on true digital operations. The many great presentations give both inspiration and good examples and ideas to bring back home. Of the many conferences I have attended, I rate DIS among the very best. We will be back.”


Lucy Kung ()

Lucy Kueng, professor, author and internationally recognised expert on strategy, innovation and leadership, Switzerland, says: “DIS really nails three things. First, it is really smart about flagging up the big issues on the horizon that digital leaders need to keep their eyes on. Second, DIS has an excellent eye for strong speakers, and consistently hits the right balance between established thought leaders and bright young stars shaping the future. Third, DIS has mastered creating an easy atmosphere where conversation flows – I consistently have surprising conversations with interesting industry actors at DIS. Speaking at DIS is always a pleasure – the people and programme are consistently spot on.”

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