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  1. Digital device usership and Internet connectivity have reached critical mass 
  2. Content consumption has shifted from publisher-driven to consumer-driven 
  3. Social media use and discovery of news and entertainment is surging 
  4. The shift of content consumption from print to digital platforms has accelerated 
  5. Video consumption is growing 
  6. There has been a marked shift from whole-issue consumption to article consumption 

The FIPP Insight Special Report on Content Trends analyses the key drivers underlying this transformation by deep diving into consumers’ latest reading and viewing habits, technology use and the way they access information at any time of the day or night.

Content is sixth in a series of in-depth special reports from FIPP Insight and World Newsmedia Network (WNMN). Each report is packed with data charts, commentary on trends and practical and practical, usable case studies.

Download the report now.

Reports for the year are:

1. Video

5. Revenue

6. Content 

7. Magazine media (multi-platform brands) (to be published October 2015)

To compile the reports, WNMN sources evidence-based data from sources around the world, analyses the data and provides commentary on top trends identified, trends you should be considering in your business today.

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