FIPP Insight Awards 2019 winners presented at the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas

The winners were presented at the opening reception of the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas on 12 November by James Hewes, FIPP President and CEO. The winners are:





The Power of Positivity

Hearst UK

The team:

  • Robert Ffitch
  • Jane Farmery

The judges said:

This is an Intriguing study that resulted in positive outcomes. It tests the theory that positive people who read positive content are more engaged, open-minded, purposeful and productive. The study ranks high in innovation and usage.

What’s nice about this research is that they truly are what they preach – this is not only an external message they are pushing well in order to see revenue return.  It’s also at the heart of their internal culture.  This is what makes this research so powerful! They walk the walk and talk the talk!

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - Hearst (FIPP)

 James Hewes, FIPP and Ruud van den Berg, UPM presenting the award to Melissa Campedelli, Hearst



House & Leisure

Associated Media Publishing

The team:

  • Julia Raphaely, Associated Media Publishing
  • Andrew Whitehouse, Mutant design agency
  • Mark van Rooyen, Mutant design agency

The judges said:

Congratulations to House and Leisure on their outstanding brand redesign. This is a great case study on brand transformation. The project underscores the importance of being relevant to the buying market and at the same time maintaining brand integrity. The results demonstrated a year-over-year increase in circulation which in turn would generate more revenue for the brand.  The project scores high in relevance and results and moderately well in innovation.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - AMP (FIPP)

Award presented to Julia Raphaely, AMP





Pay Attention


The team:

  • Anna Sampson, Magnetic
  • Jeremy Pounder, PHD

The judges said:
Magnetic cleverly played on the title of the study, Pay Attention! by initiating attention-grabbing activities such as a dedicated microsite, custom magazine covers and gatefolds distributed to agencies in custom branded boxes.

Magazine media works hard to demonstrate advertising effectiveness and positive ROI to agencies and advertisers. The study provides insights useable across publishing brands and countries.  It ranks high in relevance, reception and transferability to use by all countries.

Magnetic captured the attention of the judges! It’s an Interesting piece of research with encouraging results and they looked forward to seeing the commercial impact in the future.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - Magnetic (FIPP)

 Award presented to TI Media (Amanda Wigginton) and PPA UK (Barry McIlheney & Owen Meredith) team on behalf of Magnetic, UK



Inspiration Points

ARI – The Spanish Magazine Media Association

The team:

  • Yolanda Ausín, ARI
  • Teresa Osma, Smart Media

The judges said:

A truly inspiring strategy for magazine media promotion. ARI Inspiration Spots in Spain captured the attention of agencies by creating unique newsstand experiences within the walls of media agencies. A brilliant execution, simple and elegant, that makes a stand for magazines and is a model for magazine organizations and publishers to follow across the globe.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - ARI (FIPP)

Award presented to Yolanda Ausín, ARI




Condé Nast Spain

The team:

  • Susana Ibáñez
  • Jorge Madrid

The judges said:

The judges loved this entry and are looking forward to hearing more about the consumer results in the future. Condé Nast’s #wakeupandcreate initiative beautifully achieves the objectives set for the campaign and earns top scores in creative innovation. Not only does the campaign serve as a multi-platform showcase of their Creative Studio talent, it also serves to remind other publishers of the old adage “one needs to spend money to make money.” 

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - Conde Nast Spain (FIPP)

Award presented to Juan Manuel Martin Moreno, Condé Nast Spain






Bauer Media Australia

The team:

  • Jane Waterhouse, Story 54
  • Casey Greig
  • Anna Preston
  • Claudine Hall

The judges said:

Bauer Media pulled back the curtain on a topic long overdue in addressing the spending power and importance of women 50+. Motivated to re-educate the advertising industry, the study brings to light the power, beliefs and attitudes of this female cohort. The Defiant study scores high in relevance, reception and transferability of the study and information to other markets.

This while not an innovative project in itself is a great initiative for the country. With strong content, the judges looked forward to evidence in the future of what difference this initiative has made either in terms of commercial impact or revenue.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - Bauer (FIPP)

Award presented to Barry McIlheney, PPA on behalf of Bauer



Big Mag

MMA – The Dutch Magazine Association

The team:

  • Nancy Detrixhe, MMA
  • Frederieke van Leeuwen, Blauw Research
  • Joy Riske, Blauw Research

The judges said:

Big Mag sets out to take a deep look at the current role and unique value of magazine brands. The judges said it was a good solid research project with interesting new and commercially usable results including new insights into multi-platform use of magazine brands.

The results of the study will serve as input for the development of the campaign to be launched in 2020 including an advertising campaign.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - MMA (FIPP)

Award presented to Yolanda Ausín, ARI on behalf of MMA



Heart of Britain

TI Media/Differentology

The team:

  • • Richard Thomas TI Media
  • • Lizzie Gilthorpe, Differentology

The judges said:

The Heart of Britain report and supporting materials is intended as a door opener and a study to inspire change in perceptions and validate an undervalued demographic. While the study sheds light on this group it doesn’t demonstrate a strong relevance to the industry trends, nor does it demonstrate a clear result and outcome of the research. The judges looked forward to results and outcome of the research in the future.

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - TI Media (FIPP)

 Award presented to Amanda Wigginton, TI Media





Conscious Reach

Axel Springer

The team:

  • Clarissa Moughrabi, Axel Springer SE
  • Dr. Andrea Malgara, Mediaplus
  • Dr. Tino Meitz, Cognitive Media Research Lab/Texas Tech
  • Dr. Tanja Boga, Facit Research
  • Dr. Julia Pannicke, Facit Research
  • Sandra Heinze, Facit Research

The judges said:

The judges this campaign offered a great new perspective with bold ambition and good collaboration outside of magazines. The results from the latest wave of data identify the drivers of conscious reach from the 2018 study. 

The complicated multi-platform project makes a case for the advantages that traditional media have in comparison to social media. It scored highly in relevance, innovation and usage (innovative use of insights).

FIPP Insight Awards 2019 - Axel Springer (FIPP)

Award presented to Dr Julia Pannicke, Facit Research and Oliver Brix, Axel Springer


Further information from Helen Bland at FIPP. 

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