FIPP Training: How to build and better your subscriptions businesses

Earlier this year, FIPP in association with subscriptions platform Zephr and global subscriptions guru Robbie Baxter ran a 5-week, 5-module programme focused on building better media subscriptions businesses.

At the time the course was sold-out, but due to ongoing demand we will now make recordings of the course available to registered users for a limited period of two weeks. This means you will be able to access all five hour-long modules on-demand, provided you do so in the two weeks the recordings are available on our Vimeo channel.

The recordings will be available from 15 to 30 November 2021 on FIPP’s Vimeo channel. To access all five modules:

• FIPP members: Sign up for £27
• Non-members: Sign up for £97

The modules cover:
Module 1: What makes subscription products different, including an overview and optimising for the customer journey
Module 2: Pricing for subscriptions, including how your customers think about pricing and the pricing options available to you
Module 3: The right organisation to scale subscription, including the culture of a subscription mindset and new roles and skills required
Module 4: Benchmarking and measuring success, including customer lifetime value and other key metrics
Module 5: Staying the course, the importance of continued iteration, including product roadmaps and development and the role of subscriptions in your overall ecosystem

About Robbie Baxter:
Robbie is best known as the creator of the popular business concept the Membership Economy. Her consulting clients have included Netflix, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, Stuff, Fitbit, and various others. More about Robbie.

A word from Zephr:
“We are excited to partner with FIPP and Robbie to bring top-in-class, valuable learning to the FIPP audience to help companies develop, or further develop their subscription businesses.” More about Zephr.


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