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How to follow the Digital Innovators' Summit

Here are some ideas on how you can stay on top of what’s being said at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2016 (DIS) in Berlin, where a record number of delegates will gather to share ideas, consider emerging trends and see new concepts in action.

DIS 2016 takes place on 21-22 March.


Follow us on Twitter:

1.    DIS handle: @DISummit

2.    FIPP handle: @FIPPWorld

3.    VDZ handle: @VDZPresse

The hashtag for DIS 2016 is #DISummit.

Session coverage

We will cover most sessions throughout the two days, and upload updates as soon as they’re available on

Round-up newsletter

We will send out a round-up newsletter via FIPP at the end of day one, with the day’s updates, and then again at the end of day two, with day two updates.

You will receive the Round-up newsletter if you are subscribed to FIPP’s weekly FIPP World newsletter. If you are not subscribed, you can do so here (note: subscribe for FIPP Round-up by selecting the “FIPP World” option). 

Presentation slides

Where speakers make them available to host online, we will upload presentation slides here throughout the two days of DIS 2016 (with perhaps a few a day or so after) on


We will video sessions on the Atrium and Mitte stages, so don’t worry if you miss one of these sessions. Videos will be made available to delegates approximately a week after the DIS, on the FIPP YouTube channel with links from the DIS site

Also keep watch for standalone interviews recorded throughout DIS 2016.


Photos from DIS 2016 will be made available on the DIS site ASAP.

DIS special report

A special report with key take-outs from DIS2016 will be available on the DIS site and soon after the event.

What we won’t be sharing

We will not share video of our deep-dive sessions (Lichthof stage), and of course cannot bring you the general conversations, networking and overall experience of being at DIS 2016! For that you’ll have to make most of it, live.

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