Five charts that explain the power of mobile native video

The following five charts illuminate this powerful new marketing reality, culled from three separate Sharethrough surveys over the last 12 months and some Facebook research for good measure. (For deeper dives, head over to see our full MillennialGen-Z and Moms research studies.)

Sharethrough native video chart ()

People are watching video on their phone more frequently

In mid-2016, Sharethrough surveyed 300 members of Generation Z (referring to people born after 1995) about their behavior with mobile, and video especially. We found that mobile had become far and away the preferred viewing experience. Gen Z were more than one-third more likely to watch video on a phone each day than the TV: 71 percent reported using their phone to watch video daily, compared to 52 per cent on a TV and 45 percent on a computer.

They’re discovering new content in the feed

For consumers today the feed experience is the online experience, especially on their phones, where they scroll through vast swaths of information with the flick of their thumb. 91 per cent of Millennials we surveyed said that they primarily discover new content in-feed.

And they find the experience convenient

The spike in mobile video consumption has been hastened by the autoplay video revolution introduced by Facebook. Where a lot of people thought that videos playing automatically in their feeds would be too interruptive, younger consumers have welcomed the experience with open arms. When we surveyed 300 Millennials between the ages of 18-34 about their native ad preferences, 79 per cent of them felt that a video that plays automatically in their feed was convenient.

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