Forrester: In-feed exchanges set to be big winners in the native ad market

Along with the more familiar ‘paid search’ and ‘paid social’ advertising categories, Forrester notes that in-feed exchanges stand to be winners within the native advertising category and one of the three largest drivers of its growth.

Forrester native ad research ()

In-feed exchanges will reap rewards from growth in mobile and programmatic spending

The report notes that with the completion of the OpenRTB 2.3 native ad serving standard, marketers can now buy native advertisements using the same RTB capabilities they have used to buy display ads. Sharethrough is highlighted as one of the platforms enabling both marketers directly, or DSPs such as MediaMath and Turn, to bid on native ad inventory across hundreds of premium publisher sites.

“Early mover” native ad companies are creating new format-specific opportunities for publishers

The report also notes that “early-mover” native advertising technology vendors have developed unique native advertising formats, which they say enable publishers and app developers to sell directly and diversify their advertising offerings. Examples are content recommendation units from Outbrain and Taboola, native video units from Sharethrough and in-discussion ads from Disqus.

Other key report takeaways

  • According to Forrester’s own research, one in two US adults said that they found traditional display ads disruptive to the mobile user experience.

  • Forrester’s forecast projected 26 per cent year-over-year growth for native advertising between 2016 and 2021 (compared with 22 percent for all video formats, 15 percent for all rich media formats, and -13 per cent for banner ads).

  • Combining native and display can provide significant brand lift over running just display ads alone. Forrester cited a campaign run by Mashable for Visa’s offering which included follow-up research by Vizu. The data from Mashable showed that people exposed to branded content with display advertising saw a 300 per cent boost in awareness compared with non-exposed Mashable readers.

Source: Sharethrough

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