How Pinterest is selling ads to agencies

Pinterest has been making the agency rounds as it prepares to introduce ads to its platform, reports Digiday. Images provided by an agency that Pinterest recently pitched, show that it is pursuing a native ad strategy similar to Twitter’s. That is, Pinterest ads will look almost identical to the ‘normal’ pins they’re displayed next to except for a ‘Promoted Pin’ disclaimer at the bottom.

Pinterest started ‘alpha testing’ promoted pins last fall with a select group of advertisers including Four Seasons Hotels and Unilever brands Hellman’s and TRESemmé. The agency also sent Digiday the pitch deck it received from Pinterest, which includes information on everything from how the ads will be priced to the timeline for their deployment. The agency requested that Digiday not publish the slides, however, since the pitch was customised for the agency’s clients, and publishing them would thus give them away.

Read the rest of this article at Digiday.

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