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Bloomberg Media Distribution signs The Economist as video licensing partner

Bloomberg Media - The Economist ()

Bloomberg Media Distribution today announced a partnership with The Economist to distribute their authoritative insight and opinion videos on international news, politics, business, finance, science, and technology to global audiences.

Announced last week at INMA World Congress, Bloomberg Media Distribution will distribute video content from The Economist, alongside the best of Bloomberg’s multi-platform content offerings and joining partners The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and STAT.

Josh Rucci, general manager, Bloomberg Media Distribution said, “The appetite for high-quality video news has grown exponentially over the past few years. We are thrilled to partner with The Economist to make their global premium video coverage available to our clients to better meet their audience needs.”

Bloomberg Media Distribution has greatly expanded since its inception and today provides text, photos, videos and data for broadcast, digital and print syndication to publishers, broadcasters and other companies in more than 130 countries. Providing clients with a single destination for Bloomberg and partner content, Bloomberg Media Distribution’s content offerings span business and finance, politics, technology, entertainment, music, and health and science discoveries.   

Beginning in Q3, Bloomberg clients will have the opportunity to license The Economist’s "Daily Watch" series, original, topical short films released every day of the working week.

Bloomberg Media Distribution licenses the Bloomberg Terminal, high-quality news, television, video, photos and data covering topics that are attractive to both audiences and advertisers. 

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