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NBC News launches re-design process, starting with two verticals: Mach and Better

NBC News released the first iteration of its redesign, which starts with the new digital verticals – Mach and Better. The sites are the result of several months of prototyping, iteration and scaling of everything from content to advertising to platform. 

Mach and Better, which originally launched as pop-up verticals to test audience and advertiser demand, needed more video and visuals, more flexible content creation and dynamic curation capabilities, better circulation of content and more premium advertising offerings. So, NBC News' product and design staff teamed up with the digital agency, Code & Theory, to completely revamp their design systems.


Mach and Better ()




The result is a new look that represents more than just a little redecorating. It is the first incarnation of a design system that will underpin all of NBC News’ digital products.  The goal was to vastly improve the user experience — including a richer video presentation — while also making it far easier to produce and disseminate journalism for the editorial teams. And of course, the team also created a more compelling environment for advertising partners.  Overall, this reimagining offers an experience that will entice users to explore more deeply (no matter the device on which they consume NBC News content), give the editorial teams more tools to unleash their talent and creativity, and encourage more advertisers to work with NBC News Digital more often.  


Additional features will roll out throughout the rest of 2017 and more of NBC News’ digital properties will begin using this new design system later this year. 


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