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The author John Wilpers and editor Juan Señor from Innovation Media Consulting will offer an insight into the people, companies and technologies behind the powerhouse innovators currently making waves in magazine media. 

FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2018-2019 World Report (FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2018-2019 World Report)

Innovation 2018 will focus on:

– Distributed content/social media
From dark social to influencer marketing and engaging with GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – platforms 

– Media tech: Artificial intelligence and updates
The next big thing to impact media is ?

– Monetisation
Reader revenue, anti-ad blocking strategies, spoofing and where IS digital advertising working?

– Offbeat
The wild, the wacky and the wonderful

– New digital narratives
Media companies who employ the best storytelling tools will win audiences; everyone else will shrivel and many will die

– Print
Properly positioned (think premier, subscription-based publications), print can drive significant revenue for a long time to come

The Innovation Report is written for FIPP every year by Innovation Media Consulting — a global consultancy helping publishers succeed in the digital age. The report author is John Wilpers, Senior Director USA of Innovation Media Consulting, and it is edited by Juan Señor, Senior Partner.

Join the editors of the Innovation Report at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, 19-20 March 2018, for a whirlwind tour of the newest, brightest and most innovative stories from around the world.

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