Kaya Media fosters excellence in magazine publishing in Korea

According to Kaya Media, the curriculum of “Kaya School of Magazine” is established to contribute to the advancement in the magazine industry and to educate people who have a passion towards magazines. Anyone with an interest in magazine journalism and magazine industry can apply for the course.

Hee Sik Min, the editor in chief of Esquire Korea, is in charge of the courses as a chief lecturer. Specialists of various fields in regards to magazine, media, fashion, photography, design, and more deliver lectures at Kaya School of Magazine. 

The theory course focuses on the history of magazines, planning content, how to write articles, fashion journalism, how to design a magazine, brand marketing, digital publishing, and other topics that deal with the creation of a magazine and related works.

Chris Llewellyn, FIPP CEO said of the course: “Never before has the industry changed at such a fast pace, and for young people wanting to enter the media industry in Korea, the Kaya School of Magazine gives a thorough overview of what it takes to succeed in today’s business. FIPP supports the Kaya School of Magazine programme as a way to support young media executives entering the industry to get grounding in the business by attending this course. The practical course offers students hands-on experience of creating a magazine from start to finish.”

Those who complete the course will receive a certificate from Yonsei University’s Institute of Continuing Education for the Future.

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All the courses are currently lectured in Korean, however, Kaya School of Magazine plans to have English lectures as well in the future for those who are enthusiastic about creating magazines all over Asia and other parts of the world.

New semester begins in March and September every year, and the classes are three-hours long, once a week, and fifteen weeks in total. You can apply for the course online.  

More details are on Kaya Media’s website or on FIPP’s website

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