Magazine advertising: helping consumers along their journey

All media have strengths, and a mix of media produces the most complete advertising communication.

Magazines’ strengths are to do with engagement, inspiration, practical use and all that flows from that – including low multi-tasking, high primary attention, more positive attitudes to advertising, and the ability to induce action and purchase.

In Proof of Performance – Making the case for magazine media author and FIPP research consultant Guy Consterdine uses evidence-based research from across the globe to highlight the unique strengths of magazine media, on print and digital platforms, within the wider media mix.

The book references studies conducted in the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic, the USA, France, UK and Germany, India and Russia to name a few, showcasing examples of how magazines play a unique and highly valuable role within the media mix.

For example, it shows how magazines can help consumers along all the stages in their purchase decision journey (e.g. awareness, filtering, comparisons, exclusives and bonding).

For more on this and other magazine media-related information (including best practice suggestions for digital advertisements) get Proof of Performance – Making the case for magazine media.

Packed with valuable information for publishers, national magazine media associations, advertisers and industry suppliers Proof of Performance is available to download at

A new POP toolkit consisting of an infographic, presentations, webcast
and other information is now available to help publishers, agencies and
advertisers show how magazine media advertising works

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