Meredith to launch new Property Brothers title in 2020


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“This a unique magazine that will focus on Drew and Jonathan’s exclusive take on home décor, design, entertaining, family, food, gardening, outdoor living, wellness, music, travel and more. Jonathan has said that he and Drew both love print and have always wanted to extend their message of living life to the fullest through this medium,” explained Doug Olson, President, Meredith Magazines. “With a quarterly magazine, Jonathan and Drew will be able to expand the reach of their ideas and actionable insights, and their unique connection with consumers will translate well.”

Drew and Jonathan Scott are the hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers home renovation television series. In addition to their multiple TV series, they’re also authors, mobile game developers, and have a collection of home decor, furniture, textiles and bedding.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are ideal for reaching a print audience, Olson continued. “Their chemistry, constant trying to one-up each other, and way of life makes for compelling and entertaining content. People want to know more about their lives, their advice and tips on how to renovate, and their ideas about food, sports and music, which will all be covered in the new magazine,” he said.  


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The print magazine, which doesn’t yet have a name, will retail for US$9.99. An annual subscription for four issues will be $20. The magazine will focus on entertaining, family, food, gardening, outdoor living, wellness, music, travel and more. Drew Scott has said, “We will show beautiful homes and recipes, but it will also have a fun vibe that is missing from other magazines… We don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s rooted in the home, but it’s a lifestyle magazine.”

The title will feature a limited amount of advertising and heavy paper stock. 

“We are featuring a limited amount of advertising and presenting premium clients with an opportunity to reach a high-quality and elusive audience,” Olson said. “We’re confident that consumers and advertisers alike will want to engage and be a part of this exciting new magazine launch. The feedback thus far has been extremely positive!”

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