Translation rights available for FIPP Proof of Performance report

FIPP’s newest publication Proof of Performance: Making the Case for Magazine Media (POP) is now available to translate.

Setting out the research-based evidence from all over the world, this report is equally valid as a sales tool for publishers, agencies and advertisers in any global market. 

Written by Guy Consterdine, FIPP research consultant, the guide is bang up-to-date with research about consumers’ use of digital media as well as print and the impact of ads in digital and in print. POP can be used to promote the strengths of magazines and to reach agencies and advertisers with critical information about the value of advertising in magazine media.

Translation rights are available, which would include a small fee and full access to all graphics and rights. For further information on translation rights contact Helen Bland.

Free download of the English-language edition of POP plus hard-copy orders here:

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